Rider Rules:

The City of Morehead and Morehead State University is kind enough to allow us the convenience of riding scooters around the city and campus. Please abide by the following rules or your riding privileges will be terminated!

Anyone abusing scooters in any manner such as ramping stairs or loading docks will be held responsible for damages to equipment and injuries caused to others! 

1) Obey all traffic laws

2) Helmets are required. If you need one please call or text 606-356-8196 and one will be brought to you.

3) No ramping or jumping-off structures.

4) No double riding on scooters.

5) Do not block doors, access-ways, sidewalks, and vehicle parking spaces. Park scooters in bike racks when available.

6) Reckless behavior WILL result in suspended rider privileges.

7) Riders will be held responsible for damaged caused to scooters and/or property.

8) Not responsible for personal injury. Ride at your own risk. 

9) Headlights are required from dusk until dawn.

10) Stay within the geofence (refer to the map within the mobile app for boundaries)

11) Riders are responsible for ending the ride. Failing to end the ride will result in additional charges ($0.30) per minute.

12) The weight limit is 220 pounds.

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